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New Stuxnet Variant Allegedly Struck Iran

A malware similar in nature to Stuxnet but more aggressive and sophisticated allegedly hit the infrastructure and strategic networks in Iran. Details about the supposed new attack are superficial at the moment, as there are no details about the supposed attack, the damage it caused or its targets. Read More… More information about what Stuxnet...


Who Is Agent Tesla?

A powerful, easy-to-use password stealing program known as Agent Tesla has been infecting computers since 2014, but recently this malware strain has seen a surge in popularity — attracting more than 6,300 customers who pay subscription fees to license the software. Although Agent Tesla includes a multitude of features designed to help it remain undetected on host...


Windows OS – Zero Day Bug!

Microsoft this week released software updates to fix roughly 50 security problems with various versions of its Windows operating system and related software, including one flaw that is already being exploited and another for which exploit code is publicly available. The zero-day bug — CVE-2018-8453 — affects Windows versions 7, 8.1, 10 and Server 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019. According...


Winning the CyberSecurity Game

Admittedly, most IT professionals would not characterize the threat and consequences of cyberattack as a ‘game’. To most, it is best characterized as a ‘war’. But “that’s not exactly right” writes Martin Barrett in a recent article on the SecurityIntelligence website. He makes a good case – though many of us IN the game aren’t...


How To Invest Your CyberSecurity Budget

Great article for all of us that make difficult decisions on how to invest limited resources available for cybersecurity.  To summarize, tech author Giulio D’Agostino writes that the top three priorities should be: 1. Visibility – being able to visualize your entire network quickly and easily can highlight areas of vulnerability and allow you to focus resources strategically....


Top Security Mistakes Putting Your Company at Risk

Cybersecurity is more painful to manage as technology architectures become more complex. Simplify your approach by avoiding these major security mistakes. In the online version of InformationWeek, Lisa Morgan discusses the top 8 cybersecurity mistakes that MANY organizations make that put them at risk of cyber attack. She asserts, and we agree, that companies need...


FBI issues specific warning of pending attack

“ATM Cash Out” operations hinges of massive phishing operation Fortune Magazine and KrebsOnSecurity detail warnings issued by the FBI of a pending “ATM Cash Out” attack. Highly organized crime operations are poised to execute a worldwide attack across small to medium sized banking operations. Generally, these operations have limited security controls to detect intrusions and...


World-Class Breach Detection

Powerfully simple threat hunting software. Easily identify and investigate hidden threats within your network. Infocyte HUNT® automates and simplifies threat hunting — traditionally, a specialized knowledge and services-heavy process — making it easier for security teams to investigate threats capable of evading your cybersecurity defenses and helping you mitigate the breach detection gap. Most vulnerabilities...

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