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Data Security is the integration and deployment of software and hardware tools to ensure that the integrity of organizational binary assets is uncompromised”


Checkpoint has been leading the industry in information technology (IT) security solutions since the advent of the Internet in 1993. With nearly $2 billion in annual revenue Checkpoint is the largest data security only solution provider in the world. Focused solely on delivering IT security means no distractions and no monetary alliances providing a true platform and operating system agnostic perspective on best security practices.

Checkpoint’s extensive suite of products extends security for Cloud systems, data centers, and the desktop and beyond. Today’s demands on organizations in a highly competitive world have triggered the deployment of an ever increasing number of mobile devices challenging IT departments. Balancing ready access to critical data in the field with safeguarding that same data can be addressed with Checkpoint’s enterprise mobile security products.

In a world with ever increasing cyber attacks that can undermine, compromise or destroy the integrity of your business, you can count on Houston’s NordStar Group and Checkpoint to minimize risks and secure your data. For more information on please visit Checkpoint.