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“Compute refers to applications and workloads that require significant computation, requiring ample resources to handle computational demands effectively and efficiently.” 

The compute node is the heart of your high performance cluster. The application(s) to be run and the size of your cluster will be the determining factor in the type of node, the number of nodes and the path to future expansion. HPC systems are usually referred to as “Clusters”. HPC systems are used across a number of industries from SMB companies to worldwide conglomerates.

A generally used definition of HPC is “a branch of computer science that concentrates on developing supercomputers and the software to run on supercomputers”.  HPC involves aggregating computer power to deliver much higher performance that can be achieved by a single workstation or desktop.


Multiple computers working in tandem provide unified processing.

Clusters can be moved, added to or changed readily.

Clusters have built in redundancy so processing continues if components fail.

Clusters are typically comprised of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) units.