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Providing IT organizations with a simple to manage, agile infrastructure with increased speed of delivery, durability and reliability. Accelerate innovation, reduce costs and alleviate proprietary hardware lock-in by transforming your enterprise storage infrastructure with a truly open, and unified intelligent software-defined storage solution. Let SUSE and our partners provide you with the most flexible enterprise-grade storage solution.

Key Features

Unlimited scalability with a distributed storage cluster designed to scale to thousands of nodes and multi-hundred petabyte environments and beyond to meet your growing data requirements.

A single truly unified software-defined storage clusterthat provides applications with objectblock and filesystem storage providing ubiquitous and universal access to your legacy and modern applications and automated durability of your data with high availability and disaster recovery options.

Utilize commodity off-the-shelf hardware that is at minimum 30 percent less expensive than average capacity optimized solutions to drive significant CAPEX savings

Highly redundant storage infrastructure design maximizes application availability with no single points of failure.

Self-healing capabilities minimize storage administration involvement and optimize data placement, enabling rapid reconstruction of redundancy, maximizing system resiliency and availability.

Automated re-balancing and optimized data placement with an easy to manage intelligent solution that continuously monitors data utilization and infrastructure without any manual intervention and without growing IT staff.


Included with the solution are the following supported protocols:

  • Legacy Protocols
    • iSCSI
    • NFS
    • CIFS/SMB
  • Native Protocols
    • RBD (Block)
    • RADOS (Object)
    • CephFS (With multiple active MDS Servers)
    • S3 & Swift


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server reviews from your enterprise peers – verified by Gartner.

“First in class Ceph feature-rich product with great automation, fast support (bug fixing, feature implementation, …). SUSE provides us with a supreme support for our installations including consulting on architectural topics, hardware selection, network and implementation.”

“Easy deployment, lots of options afterwards, always helpful support. SES allows us to exactly offer/configure what is needed.”

“SUSE Enterprise Storage, a software solution that gives us the possibility of transforming our storage infrastructure to store large amounts of information and that its management is easy to use.”